How to install Progressive Web Apps on iPhone

1) Open the website in Safari and tap the Share button.

2) Tap the icon labeled Add to Home Screen.

3) Optional: Now name your PWA so that it’s distinguishable from its native counterpart on the Home Screen and in Search.

4) Tap Add in the upper-right corner.

The website shortcut is added successfully. You can now launch the PWA from your Home Screen by tapping its icon. In PWAs like Casas Rica, you may have to log in again (even if it was already logged in Safari).

Note: Mobile Safari won’t launch PWAs properly unless you enable Service Workers under Settings > Safari >. Advanced > Experimental Features. The good thing is it should be enabled by default.

Third-party browsers available on App Store (including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge) are not allowed to “install” PWAs, and some of them don’t support Service Workers.